Haunted Houses in Cleveland Ohio

People in the Buckeye state love the Halloween season. It’s the kickoff to the fall and the coming holidays, and it’s a chance to gather with friends and have an incredible time. If you’re looking for something to do with friends this October, haunted houses in Cleveland are a great source of entertainment. Safe, fun and certain to set your heart racing, you’ll talk for years about the part that made your friend scream or had you wanting to run down the halls in terror. Visit Fear Experience to see why they’re one of the top haunted house attractions in northeast Ohio.

Buy Your Haunted House Tickets Early

Rated number 1 among Cleveland haunted houses and in the state of Ohio, this haunted house actually makes the national list and rolls in at number 14 in the nation according to Funtober. The frightening experience spans 90,000 square feet and features highly trained actors, intense scenes and sets that are worthy of Hollywood. It’s located at the corner of Tiedeman and Brookpark, and you’ll enjoy easy access from the I—480 corridor. The terrifying events start in September, but tickets for this one sell fast. Buy your tickets early and make this one of the first haunted houses in Cleveland OH to visit this year.

Multiple Cleveland Haunted House Experiences Under One Roof

Most haunted houses in Ohio work on a single theme. Once you walk through the experience, you’re off to do something else. However, the best experience provides you with one terrifying nightmare after another. There’s something for everyone at the best haunted house in Ohio because they offer five different haunted house attractions.
• Braxton Estate – Who doesn’t love walking through lavish mansions that only the wealthy and powerful can afford? The only B7P_3339thing that’s better is walking through mansion haunted houses in cleveland where the inhabitants met an untimely demise. Go back in time to travel through the luxurious halls of Braxton Estate where only cobwebs and the dead remain. The basement is pitch black to better hide the Braxton family secrets, and the back shed is home to the most horrific murder sites.
• Centralia Mental Facility – The criminally insane have taken over in this attraction. The most dangerous patients are in solitary confinement for the safety of other inmates and the guards, but that’s exactly where you’re heading. Move through high-security cells, check out the experiments in the surgical ward and visit the electrochock therapy center. The only way to get out alive is to squeeze through padded cells, but hurry because the inmates are hot on your tail.
• Centralia County Fair – The carnival calls out to most people, but this Cleveland haunted house puts a new twist on the timeless favorite. This particular fair has been closed for a few decades, but the fun is still available for people willing enough to walk the midway and stop for a snack at the food truck. This carnival features everything from a freakshow and mazes to clowns. It’s one of the most unique attractions in the nation, and it’s only at the Fear Experience haunted house.
• District 13 – The fourth haunted house in this attraction takes you into the industrial wasteland of District 13. There are monsters hiding around every corner, and it’s easy to lose your way. Remember to follow the sound of chainsaws when you’re ready to find the exit and move out to safety.
• Buried Alive Coffin Ride – You can even discover the nightmare of being buried alive when you visit Ohio’s haunt authority. This simulator ride has you taking a trip in a real coffin. The sounds, scents and other special effects will have you believing that your friends have abandoned you and you’re being lowered into the ground while they watch. This isn’t for the faint of heart, and a night vision camera inside the coffin allows your friends to watch the terrifying show.

Enjoy the Haunted Houses in Cleveland, Whatever the Cleveland Weather

The weather in Cleveland can be harsh, and the temperature around the lake can vary from one October to the next. Halloween Cleveland can involve wearing shorts and T-shirts one year and then donning parkas and snow boots the following year. This is why the scariest haunted house in the area keeps everything comfortably indoors. The parking may be outside, but the waiting lines and all parts of the attraction are in the safety of the house. You won’t have to worry about rain or snow ruining the fun when you choose Halloween events Cleveland that are indoors. Enjoy hayrides in Cleveland when the weather is nice, but you won’t have to wait for perfect weather to enjoy a good scare at the Fear Experience.


Early Opening to Make the Most out of the Halloween Season

Most haunted houses in Berea are open throughout the month of October, but you can get the party started sooner when you choose the best attraction in the greater Cleveland area. The Experience opens in mid-September and will run throughout the Halloween season. With opening night for 2014 set on September 19th, you’ll love having plenty of weekend nights to head over and enjoy the most frightening moments. You can stretch out your Halloween season and make the most of it when you start touring Haunted houses earlier.

Special Deals and Group Rates on Haunted Houses in Cleveland

175590_525347000827132_664305847_oIf you’re worried about the long lines for haunted houses in Mentor, then consider spending a little more to bypass the lines. The Experience offers VIP passes for a small fee. There is a limited number of VIP Fast Passes available on any given night, so you can trust that your wait time will be shorter if you make the investment. If you want to come later in the night and be assured of getting in to view the entire experience, then choose the Fast Pass. You should buy these tickets early, because they do sell out fast as people throughout Cleveland Ohio take advantage of this opportunity.

There are also special haunted house group rates if you’re coming in with several friends. You want to make the most of Halloween events Cleveland, and you can save money and have a great time by getting a group of your friends to tour the best haunted house in Cleveland with you. When you’re all scared together, the fear experience can be heightened, or you can draw strength from each other so that you don’t go running through the halls in terror. Book group sales in advance, and be prepared to tell the ticketing agent when you want to attend, the estimated time and how many will be in your group.

Options for Haunted Experiences in Northeast Ohio

Hauntworld lists several haunted opportunities in the greater northeast Ohio region. Cities throughout the region take pride in their local parks and recreation areas, and some of those are turned into haunted encounters with terrifying walks through the woods or hayrides that will leave you anxious for the driver to hit the gas. There are also indoor haunted attractions that are based on anything from the traditional haunted house to labs and prisons. The city even has its share of real haunted houses for those who are fascinated by the thin veil between us and the afterworld. However, it’s Fear Experience in Cleveland that’s consistently voted the best in the region and the entire state. If you only have time this year to visit one, then make it the best. If you’re a big fan of haunted attractions and want to visit a new one every weekend, then make sure the Experience is on your list to discover what sets them apart from the rest.

Great Haunted House Special Effects

It’s more than smoke and mirrors that make a haunted house fantastic. Elyria haunted houses and other attractions know that it’s all about the actors and the special effects While the décor and lighting will set the mood and ensure that you’re ready for a good scare, it’s the enthusiasm of the actors that make the difference between having a good time and having an incredible time that can cause your heart to race every time you think about it. The special effects take the average actor from looking normal to looking like they’ve come back from the other side, and it all combines to form the most terrifying experience of your life.

Halloween Ohio comes with a change in the weather and a shift into cooler temperatures. People start thinking of ghosts and goblins as the nights grow longer and the days become cooler. Rather than looking for monsters around every corner in your own neighborhood, you can visit any number of haunted experiences to send your heart racing and feel more alive. Go out with a large group of friends or enjoy a more intimate experience by forming a smaller group. Whether you wander through the Fear Experience haunted house alone or with a few dozen of your best friends, you’re sure to have a fantastic time and create memories that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.